NZx – May 30th: alternative facts

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
posted by malcolm


The recent public debate (which is full of alternative facts) about Auckland’s proposed bed tax highlights the gaps between local and central government funding, and the lack of understanding as to how tourism adds benefits and costs to all aspects of the New Zealand economy.

Many people have a view on the tax but only a few reflect the facts. Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Chief Executive Chris Roberts says the commercial accommodation sector receives just 9% of the total visitor spend in Auckland source (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment).

“The original targeted rate proposal was for 330 commercial property owners to pay the full cost of Council tourism and event promotion. The cost of that promotion is currently shared by every ratepayer in Auckland, residential and commercial.

“It is still not the fair share that Mayor Goff repeatedly talks about. The small targeted group receives around 7-8% of the total visitor spend in Auckland, and yet is being asked to pay 50% of promotion and event support.”

We note that in 2014 international and domestic visitors spent $ 66 million per day in New Zealand communities. Thats a fact.

Shamubeel Eaqub also believes the plan offers no clear alignment between costs and benefit.  You can read his original article here

With 2017 being an election year , one assumes there will soon be a large amount of alternative facts in circulation. Tourism will need to make sure it’s voice is united,  clear and more importantly heard.

Ka kite ano 

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