NZx -20th December 2017: Starry night

Thursday, December 21, 2017
posted by malcolm


It’s late December and the rata is flowering beautifully on the West Coast, that’s a South Islander’s version of the pohutakawa ‘Christmas tree”!

In Akaroa our lavender fields are bright purple – Akaroa Organics  and ready for harvest.

In our last post for the year we’d like to share a recent experience with one of New Zealand’s leading and award winning activity operators. Checking in we were met by two foreign nationals, they were polite but curse. Unfortunately as soon as we were checked in the two staff spent most of the non contact time (about 30 minutes prior to the activity beginning) trying to redesign the retail space in front of the counter so “they could hide from people”. Really? As front line hosts,and the first personal touch-point between visitors and the company, it should be the opposite. What made it so bad was that they were so nonchalant about this, and everyone in the room who spoke good English could understand what they were saying.

Is this really the type of customer experience our award winning companies are delivering?

The actual activity was interesting but really not what it was hyped up to be. Interaction was limited and much of our time was spent looking at machinery. Trying to interpret a static object requires certain skills, especially when those components dominate the overall experience.                       ]

The power of marketing! 

Have a great Christmas/Kirihimete and a very happy 2018!

Ka kite ano


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