Visitor Experience Planning

One of our key areas of work involves planning for developing and implementing new visitor experiences.

This involves a range of work which we have successfully undertaken for both private and public clients.

Typically this work includes:

  • planning and designing new visitor experiences for innovative tourism enterprises such as

In this project we reviewed the current visitor offer for the Buried Village experience.

We then suggested potential new directions/changes/enhancements which could improve the visitor offer and then discussed these with the client.

  • conceptual visitor experience development for new green-fields tourism developments, in this case the proposed Tirau Crimeatorium.

This project was a proposed green-fields development in which a potential new tourism operation needed to define their visitor experience.

For this client we worked with their stated objectives to create a leading edge, interactive visitor experience, based around their key collection items.

  • re-development of existing visitor experiences for a large corporate ( that was seeking to raise their corporate exposure and re-new their visitor offer.

This client asked us to review the visitor “offer” across their range of physical assets, branding, signage and information/interpretation panels    and throughout their geographical spread.

A review of the client’s current offer resulted in us suggesting a range of  alternatives, and potential new opportunities, for their visitor experiences.

  • review of existing tourism/conservation experiences for both the Department of Conservation and New Zealand Historic Places Trust

One of New Zealand’s most important historical industrial sites was long overdue for a visitor experience shake-up. In this project we were asked to review the current visitor interpretive offer and design and complete a visitor survey on current and proposed perceptions.

The review was followed by the development of a conceptual visitor experience and interpretation plan.

The site has subsequently been re-developed by both main partners.