Interpretation Planning

Much of our work has been focused on the development of modern, interactive interpretive experiences. In our world interpretation is defined as the sharing of New Zealand’s/Aotearoa’s stories, in an  innovative way with visitors.

This involves a range of work which we have successfully undertaken for both private and public clients.

Typically this work includes:

  • researching, reviewing and writing Interpretation Plans to meet the   requirements of DOC concessions.

When Real Journeys (formerly Fiordland Travel) were developing their new Doubtful Sound product they asked our advice on developing a new interpretation plan. The plan was based around requirements for flexibility, yet sought to follow the five step approach to entertaining visitors and sharing key interpretive stories.

When Black Cat Group sought to improve their visitor experience, in both their Lyttelton and Akaroa operations, they wanted to base the training on national standards.

We were able to broker a training agreement with ATTTO, design a training programme based on unit standards and deliver innovative training and work based place assessments.

  • reviews of existing interpretation against best international practice

Tranz Scenic operates scenic tourism based rail operations which offer excellent opportunities to engage visitors with the stories of New Zealand/Aotearoa

We were asked to review the existing interpretation offer on the Overlander, Tranz Alpine and Tranz Coastal.

Based on some gaps between the current offer, interpretive best practise and visitor expectations, we designed a new interpretation plan and implemented training programmes for staff.

  • Interpretation developments using technology

We (and almost all the research substantiates this) believe that much of the current interpretation fails to engage visitors.

Appropriate technology can both serve to engage, entertain and inform visitors. With the ever increasing use of screens, mobile devices and a desire by visitors to have stories when they want them (as opposed to site only options) we believe technology can offer some solutions.

We successfully implemented both:

What’s hot 2011         

and i-box™        

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